“Question everything. Learn something. Answer nothing.” Euripides


The Marlborough Junior Philosophy Society is a unique opportunity for children aged ten and above to engage in exciting intellectual dialogue with their peers.  Through weekly tutorials, in a liberating environment where both creativity and individuality are celebrated and encouraged, Junior Philosophers will experience a taste of genuinely free-wheeling, open-ended enquiry into / exploration within the endlessly captivating worlds of philosophy, maths and science.


As a Junior Philosopher, you will not only broaden your knowledge and understanding of a range of fascinating topics whilst developing your debating and critical thinking skills: you will also explore underlying patterns in a way that allows you to make connections and to see the bigger picture, helping you to make better sense of new information you encounter both at school and in the real world.

I want to inspire you to:

  • question and challenge ideas
  • be passionate in the pursuit of truth
  • think creatively
  • dare to be wrong
  • want to find out for yourself rather than take someone else’s word
  • realise that your mind is powerful; that you can construct your own pathways of discovery and that this is far more valuable than any adult-imposed route with a predetermined outcome: you can choose where to go and how to get there.


Where will the journey take us…?